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 Code of Conduct


1.    I undertake to the best of my ability to make my purchases in good faith. To this end I will establish the identity of the vendor and obtain a warranty that they have good title to the objects and where applicable have confirmation from the vendor that the item has  been exported or imported in conformity with local laws.  It is recommended that wherever possible members should arrange payment by a method that leaves an audit trail.


2.    I undertake not to purchase or sell objects until I have established, to the best of my ability, that such objects were not stolen from excavations, architectural  monuments, public institutions or private property.


3.     It is a condition of membership that all goods acquired at the purchase price of 2,000 or more be checked with the Art Loss Register, or any other comparable stolen art database, unless they have already been so checked.


4.     I will refuse to dismember and sell separately parts of one complete object.


5.     I undertake to the best of my ability to keep objects together that were originally meant to be kept together.


6.     I undertake to keep, as appropriate, photographic records of objects prior to repair and restoration, to be honest and open by describing in writing the amount of repair and restoration undertaken to a prospective purchaser.


7.     I guarantee the authenticity, to the best of my ability, of all objects I offer for sale.   In case of a dispute, the issue may be referred to the Committee for arbitration.


8.     I undertake not to deal knowingly in any cultural objects that have left Iraq after 6/8/90.  In compliance with The Iraq (U.N. Sanctions) Order 2003 (S.I. 2003/1519).


9.    I agree never knowingly to offer, exhibit or advertise counterfeits, copies, or reproductions without their being clearly described as such.  I shall not knowingly represent such items as being the genuine article. 


10.   I agree to conduct my business in such a way as to bring no discredit on the Association or its members or the trade in general.