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Operation Pandora fails to uncover conflict zone artefacts

A detailed investigation by the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA) into the findings of Operation Pandora has revealed some interesting results. Pre-eminent among these is that the authorities did not find a single artefact from a conflict...

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The art market’s triple whammy global challenge

The art market’s triple whammy global challenge
Perceived lack of regulation, the rise of art as an alternative asset class and Middle East conflict present a triple whammy for an unprepared art market, says Ivan Macquisten

Fake news and ISIS funding – the latest

ADA adviser Ivan Macquisten's article on this subject has finally been published by Homeland Security Today, more than five months after it was commissioned and submitted. This commentary arose from his critique of Homeland Security's Cash to Chaos report, an...

Collecting ancient art, an old tradition under attack

Misinformation, propaganda and a reliance on prejudice rather than a dispassionate assessment of the facts continue to blight the debate over looted antiquities. Those wishing to fight the criminals would do better to work with the legitimate trade, which is keener...