The Antiquities Dealers’ Association

A Passion for Antiquities

Dedicated to Protecting Heritage

A Respect for Scholarship

Working with Parliament…

 And law enforcement…

To protect the past for the future

Welcome to the Antiquities Dealers’ Association

The Antiquities Dealers’ Association (ADA) has been the trade association for UK dealers in Middle Eastern, North African and European antiquities since 1982.

The ADA has several roles and objectives:

  • Promoting the highest standards of scholarship and due diligence in the handling of objects

  • Establishing and promoting an up-to-date Code of Conduct for members that upholds the highest standards of ethical behaviour in the interest of their clients, their colleagues and the industry

  • Acting as a focus and repository of accurate data and information on antiquities and the international trade

  • Helping to develop effective policy and practice for the benefit of honest trading

  • Helping advance the cause of scholarship and collecting whether in private or public institutions

The ADA is a Corporate Member of the Museums Association and the British Art Market Federation (BAMF).

The ADA’S Code of Conduct binds its members to operate under strict ethical rules. Membership is not automatic on application but subject to vetting by the Council.

The reputation of the Association and its members is paramount in protecting honest collectors and the legitimate trade in antiquities from being tainted by those who operate illegally. We investigate any complaint against a member in detail and act accordingly.


The ADA works closely with the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA) in pursuit of the priorities listed above. For the latest information and developments, please follow us on Linked In

The Antiquities Dealers’ Association is incorporated in England [and Wales] as a company limited by guarantee with registered number 14117486. Its registered office is at Rutland House, 90/92 Baxter Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex SS2 6HZ. Its members are people and bodies engaged or interested in the antiquities trade.
The Association represents generally the wider art and antiquities market and those interested in it (both members of the Association and non-members), and its general activity is to protect the reputation and interests of the trade and collectors. [Where it engages in influencing in relation to legislation and legislative policy, this activity is incidental to its general business of protecting the reputation of the trade and collectors.]