• is the trade body for the British antiquities trade.

• vets all members, who include dealers and auction house specialists, for suitability.

• sets out standards of ethics and behaviour by which it insists all members abide.

• acts as a mediating service between members and their clients in the event of complaints or disputes.

• works with academia, law enforcement bodies and government agencies to support rigorous policing of the international movement of antiquities.

• supports museums, archaeologists and public institutions in researching, maintaining and developing their collections.

• actively encourages the conservation and preservation of ancient sites.

• embraces, encourages and supports scholarship. Members are highly qualified in the world of academia themselves.

• promotes fair, honest and legitimate trade.

• believes that a fair, honest and legitimate trade is the best way to foster continuing interest and scholarship in antiquities, as well as to keep institutional collections alive and relevant.

• advocates the legal market for the controlled sale of ancient art and archaeological materials as an effective means of preventing looting.

• believes that collectors also play their role in maintaining support for developing scholarship and understanding, as well as preventing public collections from falling into irrelevance and disuse through lack of funding or diminishing interest.

ADA chairman Joanna van der Lande sets out the history and future of the Antiquities trade in this three-part article from 2021, written on commission for UNIDROIT
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

You can contact the ADA Secretary, Madeleine Perridge, at