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The war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine

ADA Members are aware and deeply saddened by the devastating consequences of the unfolding human tragedy in Ukraine. It is a country with a rich history from the earliest times and while Ukrainian origin antiquities are not so commonly found in our market, ADA...


he first in a series of articles on issues concerning antiquities and the art market for distribution within the European Parliament and to representatives at the recent Davos summit.

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International conference on Prospects for Orphan Works

On February 4 and 5, the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art, the University of Geneva and UNIDROIT hosted an international conference on the theme of Orphan Works.
The idea was to begin a free dialogue – unconstrained by the usual taboos – between the various protagonists involved in attempts to shape the future of the art market: collectors, gallery owners, lawyers, historians and archaeologists, curators, judiciary, customs and police. The objective is to find a reasonable long-term solution that balances the interests of preservation, conservation and bona fide property ownership.